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Can-Jam Flag

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Canadian High Commissioner to Jamaica, Mr. Robert Ready, addresses the CWC

This morning, at the regular meeting of the CWC, we received a visit from the new High Commissioner, Mr. Robert Ready, who arrived in Jamaica last fall
Mr. Ready took time out of a busy schedule to speak with us and indicated a willingness to work with the CWC and Canadians in Kingston in general. He also remarked upon a situation that is on a lot of people’s minds today: the looming IMF deal. IMF officials are in Kingston right now, trying to hammer out the conditions Jamaica must meet to receive a new round of funding. Jamaica is in some dire financial straits: its debt is currently 140 per cent of its GDP, something like $1.7 trillion. The Prime Minister gave an unprecedented national address last night with Finance Minister Peter Paulwell, during which she admitted that Jamaica faces a “dismal future” if the debt situation is not resolved. Apparently, the police were on high alert last night as the nation watched the address.
In terms of Canada’s role , Mr. Ready said that it will continue to be a friend and partner to Jamaica as it faces this difficult situation. He also said that while it is a pretty serious situation, he expects a deal will be reached. “That’s when the hard work really begins,” he said, adding that Canada will provide technical, moral and financial support.
The CWC is planning its annual fashion show, and Mr. Ready said we can again host the event on the grounds of his residence. Now, we have lots of planning to do to for this wonderful fundraising event. 
Thanks Mr. Ready for your time today and welcome to Jamaica.

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